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Economize on a healthy way of life is no longer necessary:
sport is now truly available to anyone!

Sport is not only the will, the strength, the desire. It is also the right equipment; and it’s in front of you. Nowadays to buy soundly sports shoes and sportswear is not so simple: besides
the veneer of consumer goods hides a dubious quality. That’s why our mission is developing a successful and efficient business by offering customers the best range of quality products
for sports and leisure activities, while maintaining the highest level of service.


what do experts say?

The effectiveness of training, according to many experts, is directly dependent on the quality sportswear. You can wear designer suits, brag about their high-quality embroidered logo on the t-shirt or wear a stylish and tight synthetics. But what is it all if you’re in a sports suit that is not comfortable?

Coco Chanel –a legislator of
sports fashion.

One of the fiercest advocates of comfortable clothing for women was Coco Chanel, began to create a ladies’ suits from jersey, and stated that a woman can wear pants, comfortable shoes, to borrow the model of the male wardrobe, swim at the beach in the open bathing suit, sunbathing, outdoor recreation and exercise.

What is the benefit to run in our sportswear?

Training in the cold season well tempers the body, increases immunity, improves your health. Against the background of short days in winter running charges the body with vigor, while running produced hormones of joy. In addition, it increases self-control and self-esteem.

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MOre than once we ordered at this
store sportswear

All of excellent quality, delivery on time and no cheating! I advise all doubters to buy through the store, and you will be satisfied with not only
the product quality and delivery times, but also the work of the administrators.

-annis anderson


Work directly with major international brands, and for many of them we are the sole representatives in the market. We are a stable and reliable partner for those who are
willing to develop their business with us. Become part of our team!